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Full Time Courses: Our Programs
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Be the Best

This is our all encompassing course. We have designed it to make sure you get the most out of our resources. No matter your diving experience, if you follow the direction of our instructors, you will leave this course with a commercial driver's license. We provide comprehensive instructions on the operation and maintenance of the equipment. Additionally, you will be armed with plenty of tips and tricks of the trade, to make sure you are successful. 

  • 160 hours of instruction. This includes 20 hours of online classes and 140 hours of training at our facility (140 classes).

  • You get to pick the dates and times your would like to come to class. Each class is one hour long. You can book as many as 8 hours of training (8 classes) in a day or as few as 2 hours (2 classes) in a day. 

  • We have classes from 7am to 4pm, Monday through Saturday.

  • Once you sign up, you will be given all the study materials needed to help you pass your knowledge tests and obtain your Commercial Learner’s Permit. 

  • We will arrange for your physical exam and drug screening, and make sure you have everything on the DMV’s Document Checklist.

  • Each day will be split between classes on passing the walk around inspection, in-cab and air system tests, skills training, and road driving.

  • Road driving will include additional instruction on how to drive down steep grades, how to negotiate or avoid dangerous situations, preventing rollovers, and many other road scenarios and tips.

  • We will go into detailed explanations of the operations of the breaking and air systems with hands-on and visual aids.

  • We will provide you additional instruction with many tips and tricks that can get you out of a jam, help you limp to safety, or save you from a lot of down time.

  • You will learn the correct way to slide tandems, slide the 5th wheel, work the landing gear, adjust your axel weights, and to avoid accidents from trailer tail swing.

  • You will have time with experienced drivers to talk about staying comfortable, getting the most out of your drive time, making the most money, and other positive habits for living out on the road. 

  • We provide the equipment for you to take the driving test at the DMV. It will be the same make and model equipment as you have been practicing on.

  • We can help with job placement and potentially get you a pre-hire letter. Depending on the hiring company, we will provide any company specific training needed.

  • As alumnus, you will always have access to our network. We will be there to help you if you have any questions about driving, logbooks, equipment, situations, OTR living, careers, or even starting your own company.  

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