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Source Trucking Academy

Amazing Easter Special!

You Must Signup By Easter (April 4th, 2021) To Get This Offer

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Signup For Your 75% Discount NOW...

This Offer Is Only Going Until Easter. Don't Miss Out!

You Will Also Be Eligible To Get Your Tuition 100% Free!!!

Check Out Some Of The Additional Instruction You Will Get When You Take Our Full Course: 

Hands-On Class - "Understanding the Air System and Brakes". We will show you exactly how your air system operates with our fully functioning air systems board. No need to lay on the ground.

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Hands-On Class - "Situations, Tips, and Tricks". Here we will show you some of the common and not-so-common issues that truckers experience, along with what to do and how to avoid problems. 

Driving Class - "Driving On Steep Grades". Driving up and down steep mountains can be dangerous and challenging. We will give you the skills you need to do it safely every time.  

Skills Class - "Properly Slide Tandems and Fifth Wheels". Part of being a truck driver is being sure your axel weight is correct. We will show you how to get it right without breaking your equipment.

Classroom - "Successful Living - On the Road". Don't depend on secondhand advice from some guy at the truck stop. We have experienced drivers who will share their knowledge and answers questions, so you don't have to figure things out the hard way.

Plus, a whole lot more...

    Don't Limit Yourself. We Focus On Showing You How To Achieve Financial Success Through Trucking. And With Us, You Are Never Tied Down To Just One Choice Of Trucking Company To Work With...


This Offer Even Got Silverline Owner Joe Gill Excited!

"I have been in the trucking industry for over 25 years. One of the biggest challenges I've had in my own trucking company, is finding good drivers. I have seen courses that are not half as good as Source go for $10,000. I am a big fan of the graduates these guys have been putting out. Sending my student drivers there is a no-brainer. 


When Cody told me about this promotion they are doing, I really couldn't believe it. Cody has been a friend of mine for years and I know he doesn't need to be discounting his stuff at all. This really blows me away.


I would recommend Source Trucking Academy to anyone who is looking to get a real jumpstart in their career, and who wants to be part of a community of successful logistics people. They go out of their way to tailor each course to the individual student and make sure they have no problem passing their test. More importantly, they teach so many other skills to their students (beyond what they need to get the CDL), that their graduates are better drivers than many experienced drivers. This school is one-of-a-kind." 

Signup For Your 75% Discount NOW...

This Offer Is Only Going Until Easter. Don't Miss Out!

You Will Also Be Eligible To Get Your Tuition 100% Free!!!

Learn How To Be Safe In All Aspects Of Trucking. You have a big responsibility as a truck driver. Not only do you need to protect yourself from injury, but you need to protect all those with whom you share the road. We teach and enforce safety in all our programs. That means on the road and off, at the truck stop and at the warehouse, inside your truck and around it.  

You will use our equipment for training and for DMV testing. Not only will you use our equipment, but you will be testing in the same make and model of truck that you have been practicing with. This means you will feel completely comfortable when you are showing off your inspection and driving skills for the DMV examiner. 

We provide you with all of the Study Material needed, so you can pass the DMV knowledge test with ease.  

You will have access to our up-to-date Online Practice Tests, so you will know exactly what to expect when you go to get your Commercial Learner's Permit. You can drill yourself again and again, at any time, until you feel completely confident.

We will arrange for your DOT Physical Exam and Drug Screening, so you don't have to worry about what you need or where to go. 

We Pay For Your DOT Physical Exam

We Pay For Your Drug Screening

We Pay For Your Original DMV Application Fees

We Pay For Your Original DMV Testing Fees


We will prepare your file for the DMV Application and Document Check. You will be ready to hand them everything they need with no issues.  

You will be training with our Qualified and Experienced Instructors. We don't do like some schools, and hire just anyone with a CDL. We offer an excellent pay package and benefits to make sure we can recruit and retain the best talent from the trucking industry and from the DMV itself. Rest assured, our people know what they are talking about

Get Access...

Get Access to our Full Featured Student Portal. You will be able to use the info while you are here at school, then keep coming back for anything you need once you've begun your career.

Get Access to our Forum. Here you can talk to other students, alumni, instructors, and even business owners. Feel free to follow posts, post your own questions, or help others and join the conversation. 

Get Access to our Exclusive Community. When you join Source Trucking Academy, you are joining a community of drivers, business owners, and industry experts. You will never be alone out there with us in your corner. You will always be able to get the information you need and the advice you are looking for, no matter what stage your career or business are in. This is access to real Insider Connections that are worth 10x more than any schools tuition.   

Get Access to your lifetime discounts in our Online Store. The store is a new feature for us and we are hurrying to get it stocked up with all of the essentials. We will give you a personal discount code that you can use anytime you shop with us. 

Get Access to Huge Referral Bonuses as a student or alumni. All a person has to do is put down your name when they sign up, then as soon as your referral starts class we will cut the check. When you help us to help others, We Pay!

Signup For Your 75% Discount NOW...

This Offer Is Only Going Until Easter. Don't Miss Out!

You Will Also Be Eligible To Get Your Tuition 100% Free!!!

So, What Else Comes With This Offer?

How About Job Placement? - Yes. We have partnered with multiple trucking companies and we can often get you a pre-hire letter before you even start class. 

Will Companies Be Fighting To Get Me? - Yes. Trucking companies need you. Not only can we set you up with a company before you start, but we have regular times that we allow trucking company recruiters to come out and try to earn your employment. When companies fight for you, you win!  

Can I Get Tuition Reimbursement, Without A Contract? - Yes. You may be aware that most companies who give you "free" CDL training, only do so if you sign a 1-2 year contract with them. Our trucking companies will reimburse your tuition with No Contract, Ever. You can leave anytime you like, with no consequences. 

Will I Make More Money If I Go To Your School? - Yes. Did you know that most trucking companies who provide "free" CDL training, actually pay those new graduates less than they pay other new hires. Going to Source Trucking Academy will ensure that you start your career at the highest starting pay rate. Moreover, if you employ the success tactics you learn from us, you will maximize that pay immediately.  

I Don't Have Any Money, Can I Still Sign Up? - Yes. We offer financing! You can pay all, part, or none of your tuition up-front. You can also split it up between credit cards, debit, PayPal, or direct from your checking/savings account, in any way you choose. If you need some help, we will send your app to our 25 partner lenders at once, who will get right back to us with various options based on your credit. You then choose what's best for you. No Credit, No Problem. We will finance you through our in-house lender where you are Guaranteed to Qualify. We can even work it out so your loan payments are covered by your company's tuition reimbursement. 

Can I Start Right Away? - Yes. Classes start every Monday (except holidays). We are planning to have all the students who take this offer start on Monday April 5th. However, if you need to change your start date, just let us know and we will schedule you to start when it's best for you.

      Can I Get Free School? - Absolutely! Not only can you choose to work with a company that offers contract free tuition reimbursement, but many are offering huge sign-on bonuses to bring you on-board. The sign-on bonus will cover your school cost by itself, and then you will still get tuition reimbursement on top of that! If you finance your tuition, then you will get your school paid for Without Paying Anything Out-Of-Pocket!

Here's The Course Hourly Breakdown

4 Weeks Of Training, Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm

Course Description

Written Test Classroom Instruction and Study

Vehicle Inspection Instruction and Practice

Backing Skills Instruction and Practice

Other Driving Skills Instruction and Practice

Basic Road Driving Instruction and Practice

Additional Practice Based On Instructor Eval.

Hands-On Class "Understanding the Air System"

Hands-On Class "Situations, Tips, and Tricks"

Driving Class "Driving on Steep Grades"

Driving Class "Preventing Rollovers"

Skills Class "Proper Trailer Coupling"

Skills Class "Properly Slide Tandem & 5th Wheel"

Classroom "Successful Living - On the Road"

Classroom "E-Logs and Maximizing Your Pay"





















Exclusive to

Source Trucking Academy

Full Course

Total Hours of Instruction and Supervised Training


Time Is Of The Essence...


This is a limited time offer, so please do not wait to decide. You will not find this anywhere else and while our school will still be here, this offer will not. Be aware...


1st) If you are reading this letter, then you have given some serious thought about becoming a professional driver. You may have even looked around at what other schools are offering. If that is the case, then you know that by finding us you have found an extremely unique opportunity.

2nd) We are only doing this for Until Easter. The folks here have worked very hard to make our courses the best. We can easily charge 10x the price we are offering you, and we do.

3rd) You can spend forever making plans and trying to find the best option. Guess What? You found it. Don't spend more time and risk spending more money on something that is not nearly as good. We won't be offering this again.


So Now is the time to lock in your plans and begin your future! 

The Regular Price of Full Course Tuition is $10,000

The Value You Get is well over $50,000

The Discounted Price of the Full Course is Only $2500

The Discounted Price of the Basic Course is Only $1500

And One More Thing...

      Of the 20 people who take advantage of this offer, we are going to pick one student to give this course to completely


  Once all twenty spots are gone, we will decide who is going to get the free course. On the day you start school, we will refund your entire tuition! 


In order to be eligible to get your tuition completely for free, you must find this ad on our Source Trucking Academy Facebook Page and post in the comments why you feel you should get your tuition for free. Based on the responses we get, we will make our decision.

Good Luck! 

Here's What To Do Next...

From here it's just finalizing the details. First, click on the button below and signup. Then you will be able to log in, pick your start date, and fill out some essential information we will need to get you hired and to get things started with the DMV. 

Don't worry if you have questions. You are more than welcome to ask us anything on the website, just hit the "Chat" Button. Or, you can give us a call. We are happy to make your experience with us as wonderful as possible. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and we look forward to working with you soon! 

Signup For Your 75% Discount NOW...

This Offer Is Only Going Until Easter. Don't Miss Out!

You Will Also Be Eligible To Get Your Tuition 100% Free!!!

A Quick Message From

Cody Barker


"I want you to have the absolute most success in your career and in life. It is the reason behind this promotion. It's the reason we started the school to begin with. The owners and the staff here believe that we can give much more value to our students and that new truckers deserve to know what we spent years learning. It is why we are giving away the entire Full Course for less than what the Part Time and Basic Courses normally costs.


I'm tired of all these other schools giving their students the bare minimum they need to just get their CDL. Then they throw these guys and gals to the wolves. It's not right and it's not safe. There is enough sacrifice being made when someone decides to become a trucker. The least we can do is make sure you are prepared and that you have every advantage possible. 


In case you are not interested in taking the Full Course and you just want to get a 20 hour refresher (normally $2400), we are offering this for $2000.

The Part Time and Basic Courses are both great courses, but unless you are really hurting for time, I would recommend going for the Full Course. 

Sound fair? Then let's get started..."

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